Remove toxic metals with Chelation Therapy

Toxic metals can cause a number of health problems — even at low levels — because they’re not excreted naturally and accumulate with time in soft tissues and bones. The most common toxic metals according to public health impact are lead, cadmium, mercury, aluminum, nickel, and arsenic.

With cumulative exposure, metals cause cellular toxicity that:

Elevates cell membrane damage

Drives oxidative stress linked to hypertension & other diseases

Escalates free radicals in the body

Increases inflammatory proteins connected to autoimmune diseases

Heavy metals make you more prone to disease. But there’s hope.

Absorbed or inhaled toxins wreak havoc on the body by increasing oxidative stress, harming organs and tissues, and elevating the risk of developing many illnesses. Novel medical interventions eliminate toxicity through a delicate removal process called chelation therapy.

Try metal removal with chelation therapy

In chelation therapy, we introduce chelators — special chemicals that bind metals and minerals — to the blood in order to remove stuck toxic metals from the body. Elimination of heavy metals helps your body operate efficiently and heal properly.

Chelation Approach

Our approach to Chelation Therapy

All chelation treatments start with our Toxic Metal Chelation Screening. During evaluation, we consider your symptoms, history of exposures, and run diagnostics to assess your current toxic metal load.

Next, we perform a single IV chelation treatment and monitor results to determine what metals to target for your individualized therapy.

Then we determine the best type, intensity, and frequency of chelation treatments to safely remove your accumulation of toxic metals — bringing your body’s systems to a healthy place gently and persistently.


IV Chelation Therapy & Chezone

Hybrid IV-oral Chelation Therapy

Primary Oral Chelation

Benefits of Chelation Therapy

Improves quality of life

Enhances mental clarity

Reduces oxidative stress on the body

Effectively removes toxic metals

Reduces risk for cardiovascular disease

Enhances cardiovascular performance

Improves libido and erectile function and prostate conditions

Relieves symptoms of fatigue, anxiety, and/or depression

Reduces blood pressure

Improved energy and endurance

Book your toxic metal chelation screening today to get started.

Prior to your first chelation, first-morning urine and post-treatment urine samples help establish your baseline chelation protocol. You’ll meet with your ViveWell provider to discuss which treatment plan is optimal for you.

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Get Tested - Toxic Metal Chelation Screening

Our Toxic Metal Chelation Screening combines everything you need to start successfully clearing your body of dangerous heavy metals, setting you on a path to healing.

  • Chelation pre-test & post-treatment test | $240 value
  • IV EDTA & DMPS chelation, incl. vitamin-mineral nutrient infusion | $230 value
  • 1000 mg IV Glutathione | $70 value

Our team will use your results to come up with your personalized chelation plan. Everyone should have access to these incredible therapies, and we’ve priced this screening package to maximize accessibility.

ViveWell Toxic Metal Chelation Screening Package | $540  $500

Common questions about IV Chelation Therapy at ViveWell Health

Q: What is Chelation Therapy?

Intravenous (IV) chelation therapy is a medical treatment that involves the administration of a chelating agent through a vein. Chelation refers to the process of binding and removing certain heavy metals or minerals from the body.

Q: What happens during a chelation visit?

On the initial toxic metal chelation screening, a urine is collected prior to the IV chelation. Expect to spend 90-120 minutes in the office. You’ll be sent home with a kit to collect urine for the next 6 hours. This sample will be sent in for analysis to compare to the pre-chelation levels.

Many people require 10 or more chelation “rounds.” It’s good practice to monitor kidney and liver function with blood tests every 5-6 chelation “rounds” and urine metal testing every 10 chelation sessions.

Q: How should I expect to feel?

Many patients experience temporary fatigue as the metals are mobilized. Rarely someone might exhibit a sensitivity to one of the chelation agents, we can adjust the dose or come up with a different plan in this case.

Q: How can I maximize results?

For all chelation treatments, our ViveWell Post-chelation Oral Supplement Protocol is highly recommended for daily nutrient support in-between chelation rounds

Q: Do I need an IV every time?

IV chelation delivers 100% of the medication to your bloodstream for maximum benefit. However, there are several oral chelation medication options that can be safely taken at home with appropriate monitoring of blood work in the office. We recommend a combination of IV chelation (see “Chezone” below) and oral chelation medications as a cost-effective option to maximize your clinical benefits.

Q: What is Chezone?

Chezone is the synergistic combination of two detoxifying procedures, Ozone Major Auto-hemotherapy (MAH) followed by IV chelation with EDTA in one discounted office visit.

First described by Dr. Frank Shallenberger, MD, ND, the past president of the American Academy of Ozone Therapy, Chezone enhances patient outcomes because Ozone MAH increases blood circulation to tissues and stimulates metabolic pathways that benefit from toxic metal removal by chelation. Most patients choose Chezone when returning to the office between oral chelation rounds at home.

Q: When should I see chelation results?

After 10 or more treatment rounds, depending on your level of toxicity.

Q: Who can do chelation?

Most people. Although, renal function will limit chelation abilities and is used to adjust dosing.

Want to know more about chelation therapy? Explore our resources on chelation and heavy metal toxicity.

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