Are you one of the millions of Americans who continuously struggles with their weight? Does it seem like no matter what you do, your body just doesn’t respond like it used to? It’s not the universe plotting against you — it’s science.

As our bodies age, weight loss, is driven by several factors beyond what we eat and how much we exercise.




Micronutrient deficiencies


Does losing weight feel like another job?

It’s frustrating when you eat well but keep gaining weight or when you suddenly need to exercise more to lose stubborn belly fat. If this sounds familiar, there may be something else going on. Things like elevated stress, lack of physical activity, low energy, hormone fluctuations, or a slowing metabolism can make losing the extra pounds a struggle, especially as we age.

To manage weight well, we need to understand you — the whole you.

Personal. Precise. Proven.

Using a data-driven, holistic approach, we’ll work with you to create your individualized plan, ensuring sustainable weight management, a positive self-image and healthy habits — for life. Our approach is thorough and personalized. If you and your goals aren’t a match, we’ll adapt your plan to get back on track. With options to suit all your needs, your custom protocol will guide you to lose excess weight quickly and feel renewed doing it.

Patient Testimonials

Hear from one of our patients about meeting his weight loss goals with the help of regular treatments from ViveWell.

It’s your journey, but you’re not alone.

We’re committed to guiding all kinds of people to their health goals. We use state-of-the-art technology and scientific understanding to map each patient’s unique landscape of wellness, then we work with each person to develop a medical weight loss solution tailored for them.

We want to understand you — the whole you.

We don’t want to miss a thing. In your initial consultation, our data collection and evaluation are meticulous, so we
can be sure what approaches will work best for you. Here’s what we consider:

Your body weight, lifestyle and exercise goals

Your unique metabolic profile and health

Bioidentical hormone balancing

Genetic analysis for diet and exercise

Medications and infusion therapies to restore nutrition

Treatments to improve detoxification and balance metabolism

State-of-the-art body composition analysis

Microbiome and food sensitivity evaluation

ViveWell Weight Loss Jumpstart Package

If you’re committed to losing weight and want some support, we have the perfect package to help ensure your efforts see results. 

Jumpstart Package | $1,250

This 3-month package includes: 

  • Initial consultation – $250 value
  • 1 follow-up visit – $150 value
  • Weight Loss Diagnostic Panel – billed through insurance
  • Semaglutide Weight Loss Treatment included – $1,100 value
  • 2 direct emails monthly with provider 
  • Monthly Seca Body Composition Analysis ($50 x 3) – $150 value
  • Initial supply of premium supplements – $119 value
  • 15% discount on premium supplements via FullScript

Weight Loss Jumpstart Package | $1,250 (10% senior discount and 5% hero discount available)

Plus, all our ViveWell Medical Weight Loss Jumpstart customers can upgrade to a ViveWell Refresh Gold or Diamond plan after the completion of their Weight Loss package without paying another down payment. Just pay the monthly Gold rate ($125) or Diamond rate ($250). 

You can also upgrade your Weight Loss Treatment with more advanced treatments.

  • Semaglutide/B12 – from $280 /month
  • Semaglutide/B6 – from $280 / month
  • Semaglutide/BPC-157 – from $280 / month
  • Tirzepatide/B12 – from $280 / month
  • Anti-nausea medication (Zofran) prescribed as needed.

MIC B-complex Shot | $35

Jumpstart your metabolism, burn fat, and increase energy. This is an excellent addition to our weight loss packages. Methionine, Inositol, Choline, and loads of B vitamins!

We have many more advanced options that help to stimulate growth hormone, turbo-charge your metabolism, and reduce visceral fat. Let our team know your goals and we’ll make sure you know about all the options to help you reach your optimal weight.


Lasting change within reach.

ViveWell focuses on using science and compassion to help you recover your metabolism, youth, hormones, and more to make medical weight loss work for you. We track your progress every step of the way and guide you to success no matter which path you choose.

Integrative regenerative optimized healing

Located in beautiful Colorado, our clinic offers holistic customized treatment programs to improve and restore your health. For more information or to schedule your consultation, please contact us today. We’re here to answer any of your questions.

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Disclaimer: All statements and opinions provided are for educational and informational purposes, not for medical diagnosis. As with all medical treatments and procedures, results may vary on an individual basis. ViveWell follows all FDA guidelines related to the treatments provided. You’re encouraged to consult with your primary care provider before undergoing any treatment programs offered by ViveWell. Some of our therapies are not FDA-approved. During your personal consultation, the benefits and risks of any recommended therapies will be reviewed with you.

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