By Dr. Benjamin Busch, DO, MBA

March 15, 2023

Are you finding that more and more often you forget little things? Do you have a bit more cushion around your middle? Maybe you’re considering something stronger than baby aspirin? Before you laugh it all off as an inevitable part of aging, consider phosphatidylcholine — a natural molecule integral to proper cell health and youthful functionality.

What is phosphatidylcholine?

Phosphatidylcholine (PC) is a phospholipid or fatty acid that’s essential to cellular function and prevalent in the membranes that surround healthy young cells. 

Phosphatidylcholine plays a key role in many critical systems of the body, including: 

  • cardiovascular health
  • cellular and liver detoxification
  • fat metabolism
  • brain processes — memory, nerve signaling and the formation of important neurotransmitters


Key benefits of phosphatidylcholine

Phosphatidylcholine is abundant in the healthy young membranes surrounding every cell. As we get older or encounter illness, this phospholipid membrane becomes damaged or replaced with less beneficial lipids. This lipid layer can trap and store many toxins that impact the health of cell membranes, mitochondria (energy production) and cellular communication. Infusion allows PC to be re-incorporated into the cell membrane with many benefits:

  • Improved cellular integrity
  • Repaired and enhanced nutrient transportation to cells 
  • Optimized removal of toxins across the cell membrane 
  • Promotes better memory —  As a good source of choline, the main component in production of the memory-enhancing neurotransmitter acetylcholine, PC can help with focus and retention of information.  
  • Improves cholesterol profiles
How cell membrane works

Due to its unique ability to improve cell membrane function, PC is one of the main molecules for boosting cellular absorption of nutrients and vitamins in all infusion therapies. 

Phosphatidylcholine infusions of Essentiale-N, a stabilized form of PC, help restore cell membranes to help your body function at its best, soaking up nutrients and flushing away waste. We also use PC in anti-aging strategies to help slow degenerative processes on many levels, keeping our most precious assets — our brains and nerves — from degrading and leading to unwanted devastating disorders. 

ViveWell offers PC as a “precursor” addition for many other nutrient IVs to boost the cellular absorption of the nutrients.

Benefits of phosphatidylcholine at ViveWell

Phosphatidylcholine (PC) is proven to assist in various neurological, systemic detoxification, digestive, and hepatic functions. More specifically, this molecule will help reduce aging processes, boost metabolism, and help the liver repair and detox your body.

Anti-aging, brain and nerve restoration

PC is found in the highest concentrations in young people. As we age, the presence of PC begins to decline and deteriorate cell structure. Phosphatidylcholine infusions deliver the nutrient directly to the cells to be reincorporated into the membranes, nerves, and tissue to slow down and reverse the aging process. 

PC is a precursor to acetylcholine, a neurotransmitter directly involved in memory and learning. As we get older, the production of PC and acetylcholine declines. As a result, diseases linked to aging become more of a concern. These diseases include Alzheimer’s, MS, Parkinson’s, and other autoimmune and inflammatory neurological issues.

Phosphatidylcholine good for gut health

Gut health

Phosphatidylcholine is a vital contributor to the mucus lining in the intestines. Researchers have found that low levels of PC contribute to the severity of inflammatory bowel conditions. As a result of this discovery, the addition of PC is beneficial in patients suffering from symptoms related to inflammation of the digestive tract.

Metabolic health

Phosphatidylcholine also plays a key role in your body’s metabolism. Metabolism is the process that allows your food to be converted into energy. The better the metabolic conversion, the more effectively your body’s needs are met. The study of metabolic disorders like obesity and insulin resistance has implicated low levels of PC in your body’s cells, which has led to its use as part of the treatment for weight loss.

Phosphatidylcholine for improved metabolic health

Liver detoxification and restoration

The liver’s essential functions are to aid in digestion and to filter out the harmful substances that we ingest. The liver is vulnerable to injury when there are high concentrations of alcohol, fat, drugs, and viruses. Phosphatidylcholine works in the liver to improve the absorption and expulsion of waste and bodily toxins by helping liver cells package toxins for removal. The molecule can even stimulate healing from prior damage. For example, non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD), also called hepatosteatosis, is one of the most common causes of liver disease. Studies have shown that six months of phosphatidylcholine therapy reduced liver stiffness and improved NAFLD Fibrosis Scores for advanced fibrosis.

How phosphatidylcholine infusion works

At ViveWell, we know the health and the integrity of the trillions of cells in your body are integral facets of their functionality. Phosphatidylcholine has been thoroughly researched by leading scientists. It’s the most prominent part of your cell membranes that keep toxins out, soak up nutrients and flush away metabolic waste. Simply put, phosphatidylcholine is an essential component of human cells and their ability to carry out countless tasks within the human body.

While PC can be supplemented in the form of capsules and oils, ingesting it doesn’t allow the body to absorb all the nutrients thoroughly. With intravenous phosphatidylcholine therapy, 100% of the nutrient is delivered directly into the bloodstream, providing complete absorption for every area of the body in need of rejuvenation.

ViveWell Essential Support Infusion

Is phosphatidylcholine IV right for you?

While specific diseases or abnormalities will require different dosages or higher lipid concentrations, anyone with age-related or chronic illnesses can benefit from phosphatidylcholine. Not only is PC responsible for maintaining healthy cellular membranes, but it’s also crucial for:

  • Stronger immune systems
  • Improved energy and mitochondrial function
  • Detoxification of heavy metals and other pollutants
  • Improved brain health and memory
  • Improved liver functioning
  • Improved cardiovascular health and circulation
PC and cell membrance image, healthy cell membrane


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