Exosomes: An Exciting New
Therapy in Regenerative Medicine

What are exosomes?

Exosomes are tiny bubbles that contain proteins and mRNA that our cells use to communicate and send messages to each other. They exist within most of our cells, bodily fluids, and tissue. Our cells release exosomes in response to injury or physical trauma that signals the body to heal through its natural regenerative processes.

Exosomes contain growth factors and other signaling proteins that communicate from one cell to another to prompt specific cellular responses to injury, infection, and disease. Stem cell-derived exosomes may demonstrate anti-inflammatory effects have some immune-modulating capacity as well as induce tissue regeneration.

What is exosome therapy?

Our body’s stem cells are responsible for repairing deteriorated cells. Unfortunately, it is common for stress, chronic disease, or genetic conditions to hinder the stem cell’s ability to function normally. Consequently, our stem cells may not be able to supply the information needed to start the healing process.

However, with Exosome therapy, we provide cells with new information needed to jump-start the healing process. The new communication signals within the external exosomes contain everything the cells need to regain proper function and support a rejuvenated healing process.

Exosomes are small vesicles that enable intercellular communication

Exosomes support regeneration through various molecular actions.

Exosomes have anti-inflammatory properties which aid healing.

Exosomes help regulate the immune system during rejuvenation.

Exosomes promote the regeneration of tissues and cells.

Exosomes help contribute to cell fate decisions.

Exosomes can influence phenotype behavior.

Exosomes have anti-fibrotic properties aiding in recovery.

How much does exosome therapy cost?

This depends on how the exosomes were derived, quality of the lab and type of treatment. Therapies will typically range from $2,000 – $7,000 depending on the procedure.

Exosome Therapy pricing

Our bodies naturally listen to exosome “messages” that stimulate healing, growth and recovery during times of injury, trauma or degenerative conditions.

  • 1X dose (IV or injection) | $2,000
  • 5X dose (IV or injection) | $7,000 (save $3,000)

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