Pura Vida

More than the typical IV recipe. Our physician curated this infusion with numerous premium ingredients so you don’t have to make “nickel and dime” choices.

Achieve optimal benefits by bundling several treatments.


infused over 45 – 60 min

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There are times when you just can’t decide and want it all! ViveWell’s Pura Vida delivers the ultimate combination of nutrients in an all-inclusive infusion and is one of the most popular treatments. Pura Vida was designed to neutralize oxidative stress, reduce inflammation, detoxify struggling cells and promote healthy tissue regeneration. ViveWell was developed to bring hope and restorative treatment to those suffering from chronic conditions, to improve mental and physical energy, to maintain a healthy immune system and prevent disease through optimal health. Feel better by enjoying Pura Vida!

The recommended dosage is twice a week when recovering from illnesses. It is very helpful when used 1-2 weeks before & after surgery. For overall wellness, we recommend twice – a- month infusions.

Key Nutrients

Amino acids

Our bodies need amino acids for metabolism as well as the management of oxidative radicals, inflammation and immunity. They form neurotransmitters that can improve cognitive function, boost energy and mental focus plus enhance mood and sleep. They are the building blocks for the synthesis and repair of muscle, bone and soft tissue. Amino acids play a critical role in nutrient absorption. They are essential for optimal athletic performance, prevention of muscle loss, and support of injury repair in damaged tissue.


This amino acid enhances a sense of well-being, fights fatigue, improves energy and exercise performance and may help with improving memory. It’s also paired with other therapies for weight loss.

NAD+ 100 mg

Found within all your cells, NAD+ is essential to the creation of energy, integral to most cellular processes, and acts as an antioxidant to reduce oxidative stress from free radicals. It soothes inflammation to restore balance in chronic illness, improves mood and mental health, encourages prevention and repair in age- related illness. (Click here to learn more about NAD+)

Trace minerals

These nutrients support a strong immune system, boost mitochondrial function to increase energy and improve muscle recovery. They encourage cardiovascular and thyroid health and naturally stabilize mood to reduce stress. These minerals improve skin health, prevent damage from the sun’s rays and slow the aging process — both inside and out.

Vitamin C

A powerful antioxidant that neutralizes harmful free radicals and -plays a role in controlling inflammation and infections. It helps make several hormones and chemical messengers that are used in the brain and nerves to help with improve mood, fatigue and decrease symptoms of depression. Vitamin C also helps with healing wounds and injuries because it’s involved with making collagen, a fibrous protein in connective tissue that is woven throughout various systems in the body: nervous, immune, bone, cartilage, blood, and others.

Glutathione IV push

The master antioxidant that scavenges free radicals to combat oxidative stress, glutathione fights signs of aging, improves brain function, heals damaged nerves, repairs cells and improves skin complexion. It supports healthy liver function, is a natural chelator and helps with removing toxins.


Essential for restful sleep and maintaining energy, calcium also supports a healthy heart and nervous system. It helps build and maintain strong bones while regulating coordinated muscle contraction.


More than 300 enzyme systems in the body require magnesium as a cofactor, including protein and DNA synthesis, energy production, muscle and nerve function, glucose control and blood pressure regulation. In addition, it contributes to bone health and relieves muscle cramps. It also improves sleep, treats headaches and is a natural anxiety reliever.


A potent polyphenol, resveratrol is shown to help cognitive function via its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. There is some evidence to support a “life extending” effect improvement in health, improved memory performance, decreased muscle and joint pain as well as enhanced well-being overall. Resveratrol is a great choice for longevity optimization.

Vitamin B complex

Our B vitamins are a powerhouse of restorative nutrients. They support energy production, metabolism, red blood cells and immunity as well as maintain a healthy brain and mental clarity, mood, mitochondrial function and effective transportation of nutrients throughout the body.


This antioxidant mineral plays a major role in supporting the immune system by enabling the body to produce proteins and DNA. Zinc reduces inflammation, reduces risk of age-related diseases, speeds wound healing and can relieve acne symptoms.

Phosphatidylcholine IV push

A phospholipid or fatty acid essential to cellular function and prevalent in the membranes that surround healthy young cells, phosphatidylcholine (PC) plays a vital role in cardiovascular health, cellular and liver detoxification, effective fat metabolism, and brain functions — like memory, nerve signaling and the formation of important neurotransmitters. PC infusions help restore cell membranes to help your body function at its best, soaking up nutrients, and flushing away waste. We also use PC in our anti-aging strategy to help slow the degenerative process on many levels to keep our most precious assets, our brains and nerves, from degrading and leading to unwanted devastating disorders. ViveWell adds PC as a “precursor” to any other nutrient IVs to help increase the cellular absorption of those nutrients. Learn more about phosphatidylcholine.

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Add Inhaled Hydrogen Therapy

You’ll breathe easy knowing you’re doing something good for your body with hydrogen-infused air. ViveWell’s inhaled hydrogen therapy has positive antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, anti-allergy, anti-obesity and anti-aging effects. By including inhaled hydrogen therapy, you can alleviate ailments like asthma and seasonal allergies. It doesn’t hurt, just breathe your way to feeling better!
Learn more about Inhaled Hydrogen
$50 for 60 minutes

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