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Get care on your terms with a la carte treatments and premium membership plans that maximize value. 

ViveWell therapies and treatments

ViveWell offers a generous selection of advanced regenerative treatments that leverage therapeutic doses of enhanced natural components your body already uses to promote healing and rejuvenation.

Optimize your results by combining and stacking therapies. Improve your healing outcomes. Save money. 

We’re pleased to offer a 10% senior discount and a 5% hero discount on consultations and procedures.

ViveWell Individual Membership Plans

HSA/FSA eligible

Get more for less

Boost savings with couple memberships

Memberships cover concierge medical services and discounts for procedures not covered under insurance plans. Medical provider consultations are billed separately because they are often covered by insurance or reimbursable. We will do our best to help obtain insurance coverage for any basic procedure. However, we often enhance the formulations, which creates an additional cost you may be responsible for.

We charge for diagnostic work and prescriptions not included in your membership, which is billed separately at competitive rates.

6 month minimum term for memberships, billed monthly. 30 day notice for cancellation.

ViveWell Enterprise Memberships

ViveWell offers customized membership terms for businesses of all sizes. Our Enterprise Memberships are a great way to offer health services at a savings over full insurance plans or to augment other health benefits for your team.


 To get started, please contact our team to set up a discovery session. 

Transparent pricing. Stress-free billing.

We pride ourselves on offering the most advanced treatments and services at reasonable rates. It’s important that you understand not only what services and treatments you’re getting, but also what they will cost — without the confusion and conflation of insurance billing. 

We promise to clearly disclose our prices and provide clear, direct billing.


Athletic Performance

Bio-Energy VO2 testing

  • Resting Metabolic Rate | $150
  • Active Metabolic Rate (VO2 MAX) | $150
  • Precision nutrition plan | $150


Athletic Edge Package | $1,875

Recharge and hydrate. This 1-month Sports Medicine package is a 10% savings bundle that will help you perform at your peak — quickly!

  • Initial provider consultation — $250
  • 4X ozone infusions ($800 value), followed by your multi-nutrient infusions (2 hours weekly) — $800 value
  • 4X enhanced IV drip nutrient infusions of your choice. Choose from Mountain Energy Elixir, Vigorous Athlete, or ViveWell Slim Infusions
  • 4 weekly NAD+ injections, 100mg — $200 value
  • Full supply of premium Amino Acid Supplements — $37 value

Athletic Edge Package | $1,875

Got a big competition coming up? Boost your performance and customize your treatment with 10% off add-ons while your package is active!

  • Hormones, incl. testosterone for optimal repair and muscle growth. Nandrolone Decanoate and Oxandrolone available. (Requires purchase of Wellness hormone lab panel.)
  • Peptides
  • CJC-1295/Ipamorelin
  • IGF-LR3
  • Thymosin Beta 500
  • BPC-157
  • and more. . .

Stack more supportive therapies to enhance recovery — and save.

  • Prolozone tendon/joint injections (knee, ankle, shoulder, elbow, wrist)

    Includes nutrient joint injection

    Multi-joint injection savings must be purchased together.

    • One joint | $350
    • Additional joints | $300 per joint (save $50)
  • Ozone-enhanced PRP injections with 14X platelet-concentration (knee, ankle, shoulder, elbow, wrist)
    • One joint | $700
    • Two joints |  $1,200
    • Three joints | $1,700


Looking for a longer-term package with the same great savings? Athletic Edge customers can upgrade to our 6-month ViveWell Refresh Gold Membership without paying the initial Gold membership payment. Just pay the monthly membership rate — $125.

Weight Loss

Weight Loss Jumpstart Package | $1,250

If you’re committed to losing weight and want some support, we have the perfect package to help ensure your efforts see results. 

This 3-month package includes: 

  • Initial consultation
  • 1 follow-up visit
  • Semaglutide Weight Loss Treatment included – $1,100 value
  • 2 direct emails monthly with provider 
  • Monthly Seca Body Composition Analysis – $150 value
  • Initial supply of premium supplements – $119 value
  • 15% discount on premium supplements via FullScript
  • 10% discount on Peptide Therapy

Plus, all our ViveWell Medical Weight Loss Jumpstart customers can upgrade to a ViveWell Refresh Gold or Diamond plan after the completion of their Weight Loss package without paying another down payment. Just pay the monthly Gold rate ($125) or Diamond rate ($250). 

Looking for more advanced treatments? Add on what works best for you. 

  • Semaglutide/B12 – From $280 /month
  • Semaglutide/B6 – From $280 / month
  • Semaglutide/BPC-157 – From $280 / month
  • Tirzepatide/B12 – From $280 / month
  • Anti-nausea medication (Zofran) prescribed as needed.

MIC B-complex Shot | $35

Jumpstart your metabolism, burn fat, and increase energy.  This is an excellent addition to our weight loss packages. Get Methionine, Inositol, Choline, and loads of B vitamins!

We have many more advanced options that help to stimulate growth hormone, turbo-charge your metabolism, and reduce visceral fat. Let our team know your goals and we’ll make sure you know about all the options to help you reach your optimal weight.

Nutrient Injections

B 12 shot | $20

Fight brain fog and boost your energy, mental clarity, and focus.


Calm | $35

Sooth your stress and anxiety with GABA, magnesium and balancing nutrients.


Glutathione shot | $35

This master anti-oxidant helps detoxify, beautify and improve energy. 


MIC B Complex Shot | $35

Jump start your metabolism, burn fat, increase energy.  An excellent addition to our weight loss packages. Methionine, Inositol, Choline and loads of B vitamins!


NAD+ | $50

Brighten your day, improve your energy and vitality at a cellular level with this amazing coenzyme that works in over 500 body processes.
100 mg of NAD

Ketamine Therapy

Ketamine Therapy for Mental Wellness

Ketamine is a safe, effective and increasingly popular treatment for depression, PTSD, and more. Results are often dramatic and permanent. Ketamine is a pillar of our approach to mental health services

Learn more about the healing power of ketamine therapy for mental health.

Enhanced ketamine infusions | $450 

Each 40-minute infusion includes a 15-minute monitored recovery period.

At-home ketamine

With approval from your provider, ViveWell can offer self-administered ketamine dosing from the convenience of your own home.

NAD+ infusion add-on | $100 per 100 mg 

NAD+ is a strong brain booster and helps to solidify the benefits of ketamine treatments. Each 100 mg infusion is delivered following your ketamine treatment and takes about 1 hour. 

Bioidentical Hormone Optimization

Hormone replacement and optimization that match your body

Along with the many health benefits, tuning your body’s hormones can make a big difference in how you feel. First, we’ll work together to find the right hormone dosing for you. At this stage, we’ll need to check-in more often to be sure you’re seeing results. 

Cost does not include laboratory or provider visits.

Learn more about the power of Bioidentical Hormone Optimization. 

Bioidentical Hormone Pellets — Men

  • First pellet dose | $600
  • 5-week “boost” dose | $250
  • Maintenance pellet dose | $600

Every 3-5 months depending on patient’s physical activity and symptoms

Bioidentical Hormone Pellets — Women

  • First pellet dose | $300
  • 5-week “boost” dose | $250
  • Maintenance pellet dose | $300 

Typically every 3 months

Non-pellet Bioidentical Hormone Optimization

While we find the right hormone doses for you, we’ll order 30-60 day prescriptions, which cost approximately $1.50/day. 

Once we know your dose, we order 90-day prescriptions, which cost around $1/day.

Prolozone Therapy

Prolozone Therapy is a treatment that injects ozone into tissues to reinvigorate and restart healing processes.

Learn more about the benefits of Prolozone Therapy.

Prolozone Therapy (tendon, surgical / injury scars, wound)

  • Prolozone Injection (1 area) | from $150
  • Prolozone Injection 3-pack — 10% off | $540 (save $60)
  • Prolozone Injection 5-pack — 10% off | $675 (save $75)
  • Prolozone Injection 10-pack —15% off | $1,275 (save $225)

Prolozone Joint Treatments
(knee, ankle, shoulder, elbow, wrist)

Includes nutrient joint injection

  • One joint | $350

Prolozone Spine Treatments (Cervical, Thoracic, Lumbar, SacroIliac Joints)

Includes nutrient injection

  • Cervical (neck) | $500
  • Lumbar (low back) | From $500
  • Thoracic (mid-back) | $500
  • SacroIliac joints $250

Prolozone Fat Loss Therapy

May require medical weight loss prior to intervention

 Recommended 3-5 treatments per area

  • Stubborn Belly Fat | $300-$500 per session (depends on extent of treatment and number of injections)
  • Bra Bulge (both sides) | $300-$400 per session (depends on extent of treatment and estimated number of injections)
  • Double Chin | $250
  • Custom quotes available

Get better results by pairing Prolozone Fat Loss with UV-enhanced IV Ozone infusion | $250 per infusion 

Prolozone Aesthetics (wrinkles and acne)

Recommended 3-5 treatments per area

  • Crows Feet (both sides) | $250
  • Forehead | $150
  • Lower face (both sides) | $250-$400 (final estimate discussed in consultation)
  • Stretch Marks | Custom quotes available
  • Quick Zit Fix (available to Vive Refresh Members only | $50 per treatment area (up to 3 per week)

Prolozone Peptide Injection Add-ons

Stack peptide treatments with Prolozone Therapy to enhance your results.

Consult with our team to determine which peptides will benefit your unique health most. 

  • Single Peptide add-on (1-2 areas) | $200
  • Double Peptide add-on (1-2 areas) | $350
  • Triple Peptide add-on (1-2 areas) | $500
Enhanced PRP & PRFM

Enhanced Platelet-rich Plasma (PRP) Therapy & Platelet-rich Fibrin Matrix (PRFM)

Enhanced platelet plasma injections are naturally abundant in the growth factors necessary for healing. Prior to injection, the plasma is further activated with ozone to stimulate a stronger healing response.

Learn more about Platelet-rich Plasma Therapy and Platelet-rich Fibrin Matrix Therapy.


PRP Treatments – add to any injection (joint, spine, tendon, ligament, etc) | $650 (may be covered by insurance)


PRP/PRFM Aesthetics

  • Vixen PRFM Facial Filler | $700
  • Vixen PRP Face Lift | $1,200
  • Vixen PRP Breast Lift | $2,000


PRP Hair Rejuvenation | $800 1st area | $600 each additional area






PRP Add-ons

Our therapies work synergistically. Stack different treatments to maximize your results.

  • Prolozone Treatment | $150

Prior to PRP injection, includes nutrient injection

  • Peptide Therapy

Stack peptide treatments with PRP Therapy to enhance your results.

Consult with our team to determine which peptides will benefit your unique health most. 

    • Single Peptide add-on (1-2 areas) | $200
    • Double Peptide add-on (1-2 areas) | $375
    • Triple Peptide add-on (1-2 areas) | $550
  • Exosomes
    • 1X dose (1-2 areas) | $2,000
    • 5X dose (1-3 areas) | $7,000 (save $3,000)
  • Stem Cells and Tissue Components
    • from $1500
Exosome Therapy

Exosome Therapy

Our bodies naturally listen to exosome “messages” that stimulate healing, growth and recovery during times of injury, trauma or degenerative conditions.

Learn more about the powerful benefits of Exosome Therapy.

  • 1X dose (IV or injection) | $2,000
  • 5X dose (IV or Injection) | $7,000 (save $3,000)
Stem Cell Therapy

Stem Cell and Tissue Component Treatments

This treatment uses stem cells or tissue components to repair or replace damaged, sick cells in the body. It can be used to address a broad range of health concerns.


Good, better…best.

Tissue products vary by application and concentration, according to the goal of therapy. 

Often, patients see significant benefits from the synergy of complementary products working together. Pricing is specific to your individualized treatment plan.  

Dermal Fibroblast Exosomes | $1,500

Wharton’s Jelly Matrix with Exosomes | from $1,500

Both are human-derived birth-tissue products that can be combined with PRP, stem cells, and exosomes for tremendous benefit.

Substitute in cases where a patient is not a good candidate for PRP  

Can be divided into separate treatment areas

Stem Cells | from $4,000

For some patients, this is an initial dose of product split into 2 areas.

Highly concentrated Stem Cell Treatment | from $6,250

Given in a single dose or divided into separate treatment areas

Peptide Therapy

Peptide Therapy

Peptides are naturally used in our body to improve cellular communication. There are many different kinds of peptides with numerous health-promoting functions. Overall, they are essential to normal bodily function, but can be used to target many health conditions, for example, recovery from injury and illness, brain/nerve health, improve strength, stimulate emotions, promote sleep, longevity and ensure a general state of well-being. 

Learn more about how peptide treatments improve health.

Because of the diversity of peptides and their uses, Peptide Therapy pricing is based on individualized treatment plans developed during your consultation.


Integrative regenerative optimized healing

Located in beautiful Colorado, our clinic offers holistic customized treatment programs to improve and restore your health. For more information or to schedule your consultation, please contact us today. We’re here to answer any of your questions.

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