advanced rejuvenetion
advanced rejuvenetion
advanced rejuvenetion
advanced rejuvenetion
advanced rejuvenetion
Finally Feel Better
Finally feel better

Advanced health rejuvenation services can help.
Start by booking a Feel Better IV Lounge Infusion or
learning about care at ViveWell.

Advanced health rejuvenation services

Enjoy Healthy Aging

Advanced health rejuvenation services can help.
Start by booking a Feel Better IV Lounge Infusion or
learning about care at ViveWell.

Cutting-edge longevity optimization services

Reach peak performance

Advanced health rejuvenation services can help.
Start by booking a Feel Better IV Lounge Infusion or
learning about care at ViveWell.

Athletic optimization and regenerative joint treatments

Health again
Find your way to health again

Advanced health rejuvenation services can help.
Start by booking a Feel Better IV Lounge Infusion or
learning about care at ViveWell.

Healing support for chronic illness, Long-COVID, and more

Mental Health
Renew hope for mental health

Advanced health rejuvenation services can help.
Start by booking a Feel Better IV Lounge Infusion or
learning about care at ViveWell.

Brain rejuvenation services with enhanced ketamine

Feel better. More energy. Less pain.

Our focus is YOU

At ViveWell Health, our passion is improving your health so you can enjoy the best that life has to offer. Health is a requirement for anything you do – enjoying family, work, play or being a leader and hero. Have more energy, be stronger, beautiful and emotionally healthy. It is who you are.

Inspired by science and you

With a personalized rejuvenation plan crafted by our experts in functional, integrative and regenerative therapies, we are your team. ViveWell Health incorporates the best of todays science in delivering amazing results. Using cutting-edge testing that measures body composition, energy production, nutrition, hormones, genetics and your commitment, together we make a difference. Experience the most effective, evidence based, holistic treatments in transforming you in Super you.

ViveWell in the news

Hear from ViveWell Health’s founder Dr. Benjamin Busch, DO, MBA, about what we do, who we treat, and the story behind the inspiration.

How to get started

We’re ready to help you get answers — and results. There are three ways you can begin your health journey with ViveWell.

1. Schedule your free discovery visit.

Learn more about our services and value-oriented approach to care.

2. Set up a provider consultation.

Ready to begin collaborating with a ViveWell provider to unleash your unique wellness?


3. Book an IV Lounge Infusion.

Invest in your health — no doctor's visit needed. Choose from our premium nutrient infusions.

Your health goals are our business

Western medicine — with a whole-person approach

Integrative medicine is an evidence-based approach that treats the whole person including physical, emotional and mental needs. ViveWell blends conventional and alternative therapies to create powerful synergy in healing and wellness.

Western medicine — with a whole-person approach

Mind-body health

The mind-body relationship is a dynamic synergy of our mental-emotional wellbeing and our biology, ecology and trillions of interconnected cells. Physical and emotional symptoms are the body’s way of asking for help and often alert us to problems.

Mind-body health

Comprehensive diagnostics

We use cutting-edge technology to uncover the underlying cause of illness. ViveWell combines authentic interest in your health with body composition analysis, predictive biomarkers, genetic testing and more to provide you with custom, premium care.

Comprehensive diagnostics

Data-driven precision treatment

Your health is uniquely you. Your medical care should be, too. To offer precisely targeted treatments, we interpret diagnostic results in the context of your genetic makeup, lifestyle and environment. It’s time to feel better.

Data-driven precision treatment

Innovative therapies

We are professional biohackers. ViveWell uses cutting-edge treatments to fight disease, restore health and optimize your most valuable asset — you. Our elegant solutions boost your natural healing abilities, without toxic side effects.

Innovative therapies

True health at a cellular level

When you struggle with illness, the entire body is stressed. This destructive state creates roadblocks to healing. By calming our cells, we can de-stress the brain and body to allow self-healing, toxin removal and immune system restoration.

True health at a cellular level

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Brian Yodice
Brian Yodice
March 12, 2024
My experience at ViveWell Heath has been exceptional. The initial consultation was very thorough. Dr. Busch and the staff were attentive to my health goals and focused on providing the most effective options for care. I highly recommend ViveWell Health if you are interested in an alternative to the traditional healthcare model and working with a staff that cares.
Kerry Iselin
Kerry Iselin
February 27, 2024
Dr. Ben is a kind and caring practitioner. He gets great results with joint pain, weight loss and rejuvenation of the body and mind.
Francie Roush
Francie Roush
February 2, 2024
Dr. Busch was very thorough, which I have found to be rare. Truly took a look at all systems and how they may be impacting my specific symptoms. Accommodating and friendly staff.
Celeste Obrien
Celeste Obrien
November 19, 2023
I have been going to ViveWell for about a month now. The recommendations that Dr.Ben implemented seriously has me feeling like I’m in my 20s again. This is the kind of medicine I wish had been around years ago when I brought up concerns. So thankful I’ve found them now. His whole team is great!
Dustin Burke
Dustin Burke
November 15, 2023
Dr Busch and his team are very inventive and work hard to get their patients health to an optimal state. Thank you ViveWell!
Samantha Ivey
Samantha Ivey
October 17, 2023
A very great experience here. Everyone I interacted with was friendly, knowledgable and truly care about your health. They are great listeners and ask all of the right questions to support you.
Amy Person
Amy Person
September 28, 2023
From the moment I walked in until the time I left, everyone was very welcoming, friendly, knowledgeable and supportive. I felt better right after my treatment and will be going back. I highly recommend ViveWell Health!
Tonia Busch
Tonia Busch
September 22, 2023
Everyone is so caring and professional. I appreciate the focus on maintaining wellbeing into my future. Thank you
Joede Berman
Joede Berman
September 1, 2023
Dr. Ben and his amazing staff are wonderful. Dr. Ben spends a lot of time helping to put together the best treatment plan for me. All the mysteries of my health issues have been uncovered and I am feeling less stressed and excited to start my new journey. I highly recommend ViveWell Health.
Kevin Schwandt
Kevin Schwandt
June 2, 2023
I cannot speak highly enough of ViveWell, Dr. Ben Busch and their team! On top of the wide variety of amazing services they provide, their philosophy of care is spot on with preventative and integrative-functional medicine, anti-aging, health optimization, holistic health and much more. I received high end treatment for hair loss/regrowth as well as getting basic labs checked. I'm doing IV treatments next. These are supportive therapies to enhance metabolism, immune health and I'm using them to enhance healing before and after surgery. Core health treatments as well as supplemental treatments, and I feel like I've only scratched the service of what's possible with ViveWell!! More to come. Highly recommend for all who really want to understand and enhance their health. Dr. Busch is a genius and great personality.

Conditions Treated and Therapies Offered

Adrenal fatigue
Altitude sickness
Athletic Performance
Autoimmune Disease
Bio-Identical Hormone Optimization
Boutique Labs
Brain fog
Cardiovascular Disease
Celiac disease & gluten sensitivity
Chelation Therapy
Chest Disease
Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
Chronic pain
Colds & flu
Congestive heart failure
Degenerative Disease
Depression & anxiety
Effects of Aging
Erectile Dysfunction
Executive Medicine
Functional Medicine
Gastrointestinal conditions

General wellness
Genetic Testing
Hair Loss / COVID Hair Loss
Heavy metal toxicity
High blood pressure
Hormone Replacement Therapy
Immune health
Injury Recovery
Interventional Orthopedics
Irritable Bowel Syndrome
IV Therapies
Jet lag
Joint injections
Ketamine Therapy
Longevity Optimization
Low Dose Naltrexone
Low energy
Men’s Health
Metabolic Health
Metabolic Medicine
Migraine & tension headaches
Myofunctional Medicine
Nutrient deficiencies

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder
Orthomolecular Medicine
Osteopathic Manipulation
Oxidative Medicine
Ozone Therapy
Parkinsons Disease
Peri-menopause / Menopause
Poor memory
Post-surgical healing
Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)
Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS)
Pre-operative health optimization
PRP – Platelet Rich Plasma
Predictive Genomic Testing
Preventative care
Preventative Medicine
Prolozone Therapy
Psychiatry (Orthomolecular)
Pulmonary Disease
Sexual Wellness
Skin conditions
Skin / Hair Rejuvenation
Sports Medicine
Stem Cell Skin/Hair Rejuvenation
Stem Cell Therapy
Thyroid Disease
Ultraviolet Therapy
Viral & bacterial Infections
Weight Management
Women’s Health
Yeast & candida overgrowth

Benefits of IV Therapy

100% absorption
Administers quickly — in only 30-60 min
Aids in weight loss
Boosts the immune system
Counteracts stress
Detoxifies cells
Delivers fast, lasting results
Enables high doses that can’t be taken orally
Improves athletic performance
Lifts moods naturally
Prevents and reverses disease
Restores optimal vitamin levels
Reverses dehydration, pain and fatigue
Revitalizes skin, hair and nails
Works without side effects or downtime

Plus, IV Therapy is:

Allowed by all major athletic associations
Free from preservatives or additives
Safe for all ages
Available directly in the Vivewell office
Mobile IV availability coming soon

Disclaimer: All statements and opinions provided are for educational and informational purposes, not for medical diagnosis. As with all medical treatments and procedures, results may vary on an individual basis. ViveWell follows all FDA guidelines related to the treatments provided. You’re encouraged to consult with your primary care provider before undergoing any treatment programs offered by ViveWell. Some of our therapies are not FDA-approved. During your personal consultation, the benefits and risks of any recommended therapies will be reviewed with you.