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Achieve optimal health and longevity with extracorporeal blood oxygenation and ozonation (EBOO).

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What EBOO Can Do For You

Oxygen delivery and uptake is essential to cellular energy production.
It is the root of all healing, health and longevity.

“EBOO may be the best treatment I’ve ever had.”

– Roger B. ViveWell Health patient.

Decrease Inflammation

Energy Production

Mental Clarity

Athletic Performance

Balance Immunity

Cardiovascular Health

A more energetic and purified you.

The EBOO system mixes your blood with oxygen and small amounts of ozone while purifying it with sophisticated filters. Stimulate your cells to increase oxygen utilization and energy production. Feel refreshed after removing these toxic substances:


Heavy Metals








Cell Waste


Blood Clots

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Residual Medication


Industrial Chemicals


Dead Cells

Meet Angie, witness her remarkable experience.

Her success story is a testament to the effectiveness of EBOO treatments.

Maximum Detox
(Blood Purification)

Toxins, like bacteria, fungi, mycotoxins, cellular waste, biofilm, unwanted proteins, toxic metals and more, can accumulate in the blood overtime — especially after a period of prolonged illness. The filtration with EBOO can remove many of these harmful elements from the body.

EBOO provides the most advanced and powerful way to detox your body… especially when combined with chelation, phosphatidylcholine and diet-based detoxing solutions.

Illness Relief

Chronic illness and fatigue, like fibromyalgia or Long-COVID, can drain your energy and dwindle your quality of life… for months or even years at a time. Illness and inflammation can cause the accumulation of numerous toxins that impair your ability to recover and live to your fullest.

Find relief and recovery with EBOO.

Health Rejuvenation for Longevity

Healthy people use EBOO as prevention and maintenance for optimal health and longevity. It benefits the cardiovascular system, energy production, inflammation, immunity and minimizes the effects of toxins.

ViveWell Health delivers premium results for peak performers, from athletes to executives. Add EBOO to your personalized health plan using Exosomes, Peptides, phosphatidylcholine… and more.

How EBOO Works

EBOO stands for extracorporeal blood oxygenation and ozonation. It is a process where blood is pumped from your body through extracorporeal (“outside the body”) system, then oxygen and ozone are added in a specialized filter. This energized and purified blood is returned back into the body, continuously for an hour. The result is an amazing bio-oxidative therapy.

What benefit is there to oxygenating my blood?

Oxygen is used to create energy from the food you eat. Poor oxygen utilization contributes to numerous degenerative illnesses like arthritis,  cancer, diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure & strokes. In these conditions, the cell’s powerhouses, or mitochondria, have decreased energy production. EBOO treatments bathe your body in oxygen to bring healing and prevent or suppress diseaseYou may leave your EBOO appointment feeling more energized or alert than you did before

What does ozone do for my body?

Ozone is a powerful and elegant tool for improving health because it stimulates cells to increase the uptake of oxygen so they function properly and produce more energy. Ozone therapy is a popular bio-oxidative therapy, widely accepted in Europe and used globally, for its immune balancing, anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant, energy boosting, wound healing and detoxification effects. Since the 1960’s, health practitioners have safely used ozone major-autohemotherapy millions of times throughout many countries.

How does EBOO’s blood filtration benefit me?

Beyond oxygenating and ozonating your blood, EBOO also filters it. The tubes through which your blood is carried to the machine contain filters, which catches the larger particles of debris floating around in your blood. You may even see this debris exit your body and accumulate inside the tube — this is normal and expected, as well as visual proof you’re doing good for your body!

What debris is being removed from my blood?

The makeup of the filtered-out debris will be different for everyone, but here are some common types of debris that are caught and eliminated from the body by EBOO:

  • Lipids and cholesterol
  • Bacteria and viruses
  • Fungus, mold, and other environmental toxins
  • Dead cells
  • Cellular debris from damaged cells
  • Heavy metals
  • Biofilm
  • Toxins and waste product not caught by the kidneys
  • Remnants of past medication intake

Not all of these will be visible to the naked eye, and some may not appear at all; while the exact contents of your debris aren’t of as much importance, their removal is.

How do I know if EBOO’s blood filtration is safe for me?

ViveWell Health prioritizes patient safety. Being a blood-related treatment, certain blood tests are required before EBOO is performed. Should your results return with signs that you may not be a good candidate for the strong bio-oxidative EBOO therapy, ViveWell Health can still perform the procedure to maximize oxygen and filtration effects. 

How long does an EBOO appointment take?

EBOO appointments are can take up to two hours, with one complete hour of EBOO therapy. Typically we’re able to filter up to 2.5 L of blood, depending on your body’s characteristics.

Let ViveWell Health
Help You Burst With Energy

We are Colorado's premium
EBOO therapy provider

As far as we can tell, ViveWell Health is the state’s first, and currently, only provider of EBOO services. We strive to offer “the best of what’s available in healthcare” by staying up to date in the exciting and rapidly growing techniques used globally for functional, integrative, regenerative and precision medicine.

ViveWell Health is your whole
health partner

Our whole-person care goes beyond EBOO. From brain rejuvenation to hormone rebalancing to our signature IV lounge, we are here to ensure that you remain your healthiest self.

ViveWell Health EBOO Blood Filteration Services 

Affordable premium care 
$1500 -> $1250*
     * Requires 50% deposit at time of booking. Deposit is refundable for cancellations prior to 48 hours. Cancelling within 48 hours forfeits the deposit.
EBOO + Exosomes – Amazing quarterly or semi-anual rejuvenation and longevity care 
$1,250 + $2,000 = $3,250 (VIP Membership discounts apply) 
EBOO Rejuvenation packages – Get an additional 10% discount with this Intensive three 
days per week infusion therapies, for three weeks. Can include midline IV placement for 
multiple infusion convenience. Can be combined with numerous peptide therapies, 
regenerative injections, exosomes, stem cells and additional major auto hemotherapy 
EBOO Chelation Rejuvenation $6165 -> $5548.50 (10% savings) 
Repeats once weekly for 3 weeks 
Day 1 – “Feel Better” nutrient infusion with 1500 mg EDTA Chelation, 100mg NAD+ and 
phosphatidylcholine IV push. 
Day 2 – Essential Support protocol with Glutathione (can add additional NAD+) 
Day 3 – EBOO with phosphatidylcholine IV push and nutrition infusion afterwards. 
EBOO Rejuvenation $6015 -> $5413.50 (10% savings) 
Repeats once weekly for 3 weeks 
Day 1 – “Feel Better” nutrient infusion with 100mg NAD+ and phosphatidylcholine IV 
Day 2 – Essential Support protocol with Glutathione (can add additional NAD+) 
*** Add exosomes to any EBOO procedure for only $2,000

Integrative regenerative optimized healing

Located in beautiful Colorado, our clinic offers holistic customized treatment programs to improve and restore your health. For more information or to schedule your consultation, please contact us today. We’re here to answer any of your questions.

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