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Embark on your journey toward neurological recovery with GyroStim therapy, and discover the potential to regain functionality, independence, and an improved quality of life. GyroStim’s unique capabilities can provide a path forward, offering renewed hope and optimism in the face of neurological challenges.

Medical conditions treated with GyroStim Therapy:

What is GyroStim?

GyroStim is a state-of-the-art, multi-axis rotational therapy system designed to stimulate your brain and body like never before. This device combines technology, neuroscience, and innovation to provide a holistic approach to healing and enhancing overall brain wellness.


Rejuvenate your brain with GyroStim therapy

GyroStim employs controlled, precise movements to stimulate your entire body, generating therapeutic effects through motion-induced stimulation. These carefully orchestrated movements activate multiple sensorimotor systems simultaneously. When it comes to providing an intricate, potent, and effective therapeutic experience, GyroStim stands unmatched by any other manual or mechanical device.

Brain rejuvenation & GyroStim

One of the most remarkable aspects of GyroStim therapy is its potential for brain rejuvenation. This innovative therapy utilises the power of controlled rotational movements to stimulate the brain and promote healing, making it a valuable tool in the rehabilitation process. Here’s how it works:



The brain possesses an incredible ability known as neuroplasticity, which allows it to adapt, “rewire” and form new connections throughout life. The GyroStim’s controlled movements challenge the brain to adapt and reorganize itself.

Stimulation of multiple systems:

GyroStim engages multiple sensorimotor systems simultaneously. The vestibular, proprioceptive, and visual systems are all triggered. This comprehensive stimulation encourages the brain to work in harmony with the body, promoting balance, coordination, and cognitive improvements.

Enhanced blood flow

The rhythmic motions of GyroStim also promote increased blood flow to the brain. This boosted circulation can lead to improved cognitive function, mental clarity, and overall brain health.

What does GyroStim Therapy benefit?

GyroStim is a versatile therapy with a wide range of applications that can benefit individuals of all ages and conditions. Here are some benefits:

Neurological rehabilitation:

GyroStim is a powerful tool for individuals recovering from neurological injuries or conditions, such as traumatic brain injuries, strokes, or concussions. By engaging in controlled rotational movements, GyroStim helps rewire neural pathways, promoting faster recovery and improving cognitive function.

Enhanced athletic performance:

Athletes who desire a competitive advantage turn to GyroStim to enhance their agility, balance, coordination, and reaction times. It helps optimise neuromuscular coordination, enabling athletes to perform their peaks. Dynamic balance improvement improves reaction time, coordination and agility for a competitive advantage.

Stress reduction:

The rhythmic motion of GyroStim induces a deep sensation of relaxation, making it an effective therapy for stress reduction and anxiety management.

Cognitive enhancement:

GyroStim can boost cognitive function and mental clarity by promoting increased blood flow to the brain. This can lead to improved focus memory and overall cognitive performance.

Vestibular rehabilitation:

It's an invaluable tool for individuals with vestibular disorders, helping them regain their balance and reduce symptoms like dizziness and vertigo.

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Depending on your preference ViveWell Health offers two options:

Gyrostim performance enhancement services:

No doctor visit required. Incorporate the Gyrostim into your training routine to note improvements in as little as one “30-minute spin session”.

Brain rejuvenation services consultation and assessment:

Need medical attention? No problem. Your healing journey begins with a thorough ViveWell Health provider consultation and assessment to tailor the frequency and duration of your GyroStim sessions, medical testing and treatments for your specific needs and goals.

Already a ViveWell patient?

GyroStim sessions:

At the beginning of your 30-minute “spin session”, you’ll be comfortably seated inside the GyroStim capsule. The device will initiate controlled, multi-axis rotational movements, which are precisely programmed to stimulate your vestibular system and challenge your neurological pathways.

Each “spin session” is composed of several therapeutic spins, each lasting between 15-60 seconds. In the beginning, everyone starts slow to experience the therapy without feeling motion discomfort or sensory overload. Between spins, there is a rest period with progress assessment. 

Laser Targeting: Laser targeting technology has revolutionised GyroStim therapy, elevating it to new heights of precision and effectiveness. This hand-eye coordination exercise improves reaction time, coordination and agility.

Progress Monitoring: 

Throughout your journey, we help you monitor progress to adjust the treatment plan as you achieve your goals and experience improvements.


GyroStim therapy represents a beacon of hope for those on the path to neurological recovery. By promoting neuroplasticity, improving blood flow, and addressing physical and cognitive challenges, it offers a holistic approach to healing that is both empowering and transformative.

ViveWell Health Gyrostim Performance Enhancement Services 

No doctor visit required. Change your mind or have a question? No problem. If your preconsult forms are completed, ViveWell provider visits (in-person and telemedicine) may be added for same day services, when available. 

25-min New / Established Patient Consult  $250 

15-min Established Patient Consult  $150 
Dynamic balance improvement improves reaction time, coordination and agility for a competitive advantage. Incorporate the Gyrostim into your training routine to note improvements in as little as one “30-minute spin session”, comprising several therapeutic spins, each lasting between 15-60 seconds. Between spins, there is a rest period with progress assessment. In the beginning, everyone starts slow to experience the therapy without feeling motion discomfort or sensory overload. 
It is best practice to start strong with 3-4 spin sessions per month, depending on the progress, this can be decreased to a monthly maintenance of 1-2 spins per month.  
ViveWell Health Gyrostim “Spin Sessions” as low as $84 (minors must be at least 48” and accompanied by parent or designated adult) 
Individual 15-minute Spin Session  $99 
5-pack (10% savings)  $445.50 
10-pack (15% savings)  $841.50 
3-month Gyrostim Performance Enhancement Spin Subscriptions.
(Additional 5% off monthly subscription price for families)
Level up on discounted ViveWell procedures and services:
– One free VO2 resting metabolic rate
– Monthly SECA body composition measurements
– %off savings towards all ViveWell procedures and services
Diamond  15% off four Spin Sessions and ViveWell Health Procedures & Services   
$337 / month  
($317 / month / family member) 
Platinum – 12.5% off three Spin Sessions  $260 / month 
($245 / month / family member)  
Gold – 10% off two Spin Sessions  $178 / month 
($168 / month / family member) 
ViveWell Gyrostim Performance Enhancement 6-month Spin Season Pass $2218 
($2079 / 6-months / family member) 
20% off 6-months of priority booking for weekly Spin Sessions (28 total) 
– Quarterly VO2 resting/exercise metabolic rates 
– One free Exercise Physiologist consultation  
– One free 30-day VO2 precision nutrition plan 
– Monthly SECA body composition measurements 
– 20% off savings on any ViveWell Health Procedure or Service 
Renew your Spin Season Pass in 3 month blocks (14 Spin Sessions) $1109 
($1040 / 3-months / family member) 
Medical supervised brain rejuvenation 
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Integrative regenerative optimized healing

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