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Longevity Optimization Strategies: Accessible Benefits for Everyone

By Dr. Benjamin Busch, DO

Feel like the younger version of yourself

ViveWell offers advanced age management and longevity optimization treatment plans to slow down and reverse aging. Our holistic approach involves a complex evaluation of your hormones, metabolism, and genetics to create an individualized, precision medicine treatment plan to combat the effects of “inflam-aging.” We collaborate with you to choose interventions that treat aging changes at a cellular level. ViveWell’s rejuvenation services are here to help you maintain the best version of yourself as you age.

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What is inflam-aging?​

Early aging is the result of oxidative stress that prompts various levels and types of inflammation in your body. This affects how your cells and DNA age. Some people age more quickly because of problems with Metabolism, Chronic inflammation, Stress, Accumulation of toxins in the body, and more.

Here at ViveWell, we know the toll oxidative stress takes on a person’s body. We provide care to optimize longevity by boosting rejuvenation and a renewed sense of well-being. 

Our team balances hormones, uses a variety of anti-aging agents, and helps you address daily lifestyle approaches to limit and even reverse aging’s effects. Most likely, you’re aware of some and less so about others. This overview gives you insights into how combining regenerative and integrative medicine helps people to achieve the rejuvenation they seek.

As you think in terms of your age and potential lifespan, consider the value of extending your healthspan. This is a shift from thinking solely about the added years of your life to achieving a quality level of health as you age. It’s based on the knowledge that our genes determine only 20 percent of our predicted lifespan, whereas choices and behaviors are responsible for the other 80 percent. 

Vivewell offers you a multi-faceted experience for optimizing your longevity by extending your healthspan. We address both the causes and cellular level changes of inflammation.

New scientific treatment approaches to anti-aging and longevity


There are known and emerging agents that elicit positive effects, resulting in delayed aging. Although some are prescribed medications, many of these agents are supplements, such as vitamin D3, while others are hormone replacement or boosting agents. The beauty of these is that they work in conjunction with lifestyle adjustments to bring you the best in rejuvenation protocols.

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Natural, bioactive treatments​​

Medical scientists are learning about, researching, and applying treatments that defy our prior views of aging. At ViveWell, it’s a priority to remain on leading-edge of these treatments so we can provide the most effective and health-promoting options for our patients. 

Importantly, aging well means living more healthful years. ViveWell’s longevity and rejuvenation treatments are all based on optimizing natural processes in the body. We achieve this by leveraging the chemical information your body understands best — the same kinds of hormones, amino acids, fats, and chemicals that your body itself produces. 

Rather than hijack a natural process with harsh drugs, we used biological elements to turn the volume up on processes already at work to help your body heal, recover and feel better.

Bioidentical Hormone Optimization​

As we grow older, our bodies naturally experience a decline in hormone levels, which can affect our youthful vitality. This decrease can be further exacerbated by lifestyle choices, exposure to pollutants, and the impacts of stress, leading to hormone dysregulation. Through the strategic supplementation of key sex hormones at therapeutic levels, we aim to rejuvenate and enhance a variety of bodily functions. This approach can significantly improve cognitive performance, bolster immune resilience, expedite injury recovery, and support muscle and bone health. It can also optimize metabolism and insulin sensitivity, reduce midsection weight gain, and enhance sexual wellness. Check out our page on Bioidentical Hormone Optimization to learn more.

Enhanced Ozone Infusion

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Ozone is a natural molecule that your body uses to fight infection and stimulate healing. By introducing extra ozone to your body, we can help recover from illness and the degeneration caused by years of normal wear and tear on the body. What’s more, we are able to get even better results, by introducing UV light to the process. UV light and ozone work synergistically, helping you feel better, quicker. 

Check out our page on Enhanced Ozone Infusion to learn more.

Enhanced Platelet-rich Plasma Therapy (PRP) ​

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PRP treatments harness the healing power of your own body by concentrating platelets and growth factors from your blood and reintroducing them into tissues in need of rejuvenation. This process can significantly aid in the treatment of a variety of conditions, including arthritis, hair loss, joint and ligament injuries, loss of sexual sensitivity, sagging skin and wrinkles, scarring, and sexual dysfunction. Check out our page on Enhanced Platelet-rich Plasma Therapy to learn more.

Inhaled Hydrogen Therapy

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Inhaled hydrogen therapy, or hydrogen inhalation therapy, offers a novel approach to health improvement and potential longevity enhancement by allowing individuals to breathe in hydrogen gas. This therapy boasts a multitude of benefits, including the reduction of inflammation and oxidative stress, which are often at the heart of chronic diseases. It has also been shown to improve symptoms associated with Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease, and stroke. Beyond its disease-fighting capabilities, inhaled hydrogen therapy has anti-aging effects, boosts exercise performance, and offers advantages for those with chronic kidney and liver diseases. Demonstrating both safety and efficacy, inhaled hydrogen therapy represents a promising option for a variety of health conditions. Check out our page on Inhaled Hydrogen Therapy to learn more.

NAD+ Infusion

Peptide Therapy

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Peptide Therapy, often referred to as peptide injections or peptide injection therapy, utilizes peptides—small molecules of amino acids that are vital for the production of proteins. These fundamental components not only support the growth and development of all living organisms but also play a crucial role in the functioning and replication processes. When applied correctly, peptide injections have been recognized for their capacity to heal and rejuvenate body tissues through the approval of specific peptide-based injection therapies.

By activating different mechanisms within the body, peptides can yield a multitude of benefits. They can enhance the production of human growth hormone, leading to increased muscle mass and a reduction in aging signs. Furthermore, peptides contribute to the breakdown of excess visceral fat, support weight loss, and facilitate more effective DNA repair. They also amplify the benefits derived from exercise, optimize mental focus and sharpness, and promote a sense of wellness, attractiveness, and tranquility. Check out our page on Peptides Therapy to learn more.

Phosphatidylcholine (PC) Therapy​

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Phosphatidylcholines (PCs) are crucial phospholipids found abundantly in the membranes of young, healthy cells, playing a vital role in preserving cell integrity, enhancing nutrient absorption, and facilitating the elimination of toxins and metabolic waste. A deficiency in PC has been associated with serious health issues, including neurodegenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s, as well as metabolic conditions such as diabetes and heart disease. Undergoing PC treatment can aid in restoring deep, restful sleep, maintaining a healthy weight, sharpening mental acuity, and improving metabolic function. Check out our page on Phosphatidylcholine Therapy to learn more.

Prolozone Therapy

prolozone - longevity optimization

Prolozone Therapy, a non-surgical, regenerative injection treatment, is becoming increasingly popular among health practitioners and patients for its holistic approach to healing. By injecting a blend of ozone, vitamins, and minerals directly into the affected area, it activates the body’s own healing mechanisms. ViveWell’s Prolozone Therapy offers a range of benefits, including non-surgical body sculpting through the breakdown of fat cells in stubborn areas, enhanced joint mobility and flexibility, chronic pain relief, and a reduction in the need for surgical procedures. Additionally, it can rejuvenate the appearance of wrinkled skin, scars, and stretch marks, alongside repairing damaged tissues and fostering tissue regeneration.Check out our page on Prolozone Therapy to learn more.

Excitingly, many of our anti-aging and longevity therapies work exponentially better together. Patients can “stack” some regenerative treatments during their visits. For example, we can pretreat the treatment area with prolozone and nutrients then add more healing components from PRP Therapy, peptides and/or exosomes.

Lifestyle approaches

It’s easy to look back on the choices you’ve made over the years. Those that have served you well as you’ve aged and others that have not. The good news is that positive shifts in lifestyle at any point result in enhanced cellular responses as soon as you adopt them. 

Physical activity

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Consider exercise. Yes, that’s physical activity in its many forms. It’s also about exercising your brain. That, too, comes in many forms. 

One approach is combining music with dance! This combo stimulates multiple brain centers as it boosts circulation and respiration. At the same time, muscles are warmed and strengthened, along with the stretching of ligaments and tendons. Just think of the beauty of a slow dance as you realize your balance and physical resilience are enhanced with each session — anti-aging at its best.


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You are what you eat, right? Aside from staying active, the way we choose to fuel our bodies is perhaps the greatest lever within our reach for managing our health and well-being. Being intentional about nutritious food choices and caloric intake affects aging in dramatic ways. A nutrient-dense, high-fiber diet is a powerful way to manage oxidative stress and the resulting inflammation. As much as possible, look for whole foods from clean, organic soil and water sources. 

Rest, relaxation and stress management​

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Sometimes getting adequate sleep or finding moments to unwind and relax sounds like a dream. These are within reach using Vivewell’s anti-aging protocols. Consider the following:

Levels of stress hormones return to baseline during a full night of sleep. Sufficient sleep has many benefits — including stress reset, the loss of body fat rather than muscle mass when on a calorie-restricted diet and optimized energy that’s balanced during waking hours.

Exhaustion and stressors affect your sex life! This can be rejuvenated by practicing simple stress management strategies, beginning with the use of your breath. (Re)learning to breathe can have a significant impact on your overall well-being, leading to improved relationships and life quality.

Worries about the effects of aging on cognitive function are serious for many people, even those in their 40s. The Vivewell combination of anti-aging agents and lifestyle adaptations offers you hope. That’s reassuring! Take advantage of the benefits of optimism, an outlook that offers its own longevity benefits.  

A grateful mindset can help stave off the negative effects of stress. Looking to build a practice of thankfulness?  Learn how and why to begin a gratitude practice

Reducing stress is within reach. ViveWell practitioners will guide you with methods to manage and reduce stressors and your responses to them.

More than stress? If you are battling anxiety, depression or another mental health concern, check out our advanced approach to mental health services.

Longevity optimization at ViveWell​

Vivewell practitioners work with you to design and select the optimum anti-aging protocols for your wellness journey. Choices are individualized based on your needs and preferences.    

Age gracefully and wonderfully by optimizing your health.  

Maintain optimal wellness simply and naturally with our ‘menu’ of care options.

We begin with an evaluation of your current health based on symptoms and by conducting laboratory and genetic testing. This process analyzes the numerous metabolic processes and genes that affect how we age. Your results help our team select the best treatments to help you focus your efforts. We’ll work with you to optimize your hormone levels and metabolism. You’ll learn the basics of cellular function and steps to take to reduce oxidative stress and inflammation to combat “inflam-aging.”  

Other clinics only offer a portion of our services. We have a broad set of regenerative services, in addition to Vivewell’s integrative health services that include nutrition, stress management, weight loss, and fitness.

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